12/2/2005 - v2.70-alpha1 released
- new gifts use the default category
- it is now possible to delete categories
- some strings were missing
- a few sqlite bugs are fixed

12/1/2005 - v2.70-dev released
- gift categories
- new/updated gifts are marked as such
- claiming a gift when not logged takes you to the login screen
- first birthdays of the year are now displayed at the end of the previous year

10/23/2005 - v2.63 released
- an email validation problem could prevent user creation when the "mandatory email" option is checked

10/20/2005 - v2.62 released
- fixes a JS error on IE when clicking on the "monitor this list" checkbox

9/17/2005 - v2.61 released
- updated german translation
- fix a XSS in gifts hyperlinks & images
- properly escapes quotes in the gift edit form
- newlines in gift comments are replaced with 
in gift list - birthday is now displayed when creating a new user 9/11/2005 - v2.60 released Fixes - email verification did not properly work with sub-domains - changed setup.php call in index.php to ensure compatibility with pre-2.60 configurations 9/2/2005 - v2.60-rc1 released Fixes - setup did not work with 2.60-alpha1 8/29/2005 - v2.60-alpha1 released 2.50 was not released due to my inability to release it before starting 2.60 New - dates should display better on non ISO8859-1 systems (eg MacOS) - self registration (controled by setup) - email validation (controled by setup) - better error handling on user creation Fixes - users were able to change gifts restricted access - better german translation 8/7/2005 - v2.50-beta4 released Bug fixes (thanks to znax) 8/7/2005 - v2.50-beta3 released Fixes - bug #1253450 : Many backslashes added with some PHP configs (thanks to znax) - bug #1253455 : smarty compile errors during setup 8/5/2005 - v2.50-beta2 released New - german translation (thanks to Andreas Manser) - alerts on list updates - ability to override the default currency - SQLite support (PHP5 only) - PHP5 support 6/23/2005 - v2.01 released has been corrected, otherwise no changes were made 6/17/2005 - v2.01-beta released (skipping 2.00 due to new features) New - users can now have only the right to log in and claim gifts - credits page Bugs fixed : - bug #1222768 : Links from directly-accessed lists don't work 6/15/2005 - v2.00-beta released New - new/edited gifts are opened in a new window - one can add gifts ideas to other people's lists - images are displayed in the gift window - confirmation before deleting a gift - print a list - options can be changed from the admin pages - auto updates of database structure when upgrading 3/10/2004 - v1.50 released Bugs fixed : - bug #1039406 : setup does not work properly when the config file was created manually 3/10/2004 - v1.50-beta released New - prices & image URLs (Thanks to Norman Lyon) - priorities 4/8/2004 - v1.12 released New - nothing (bug fixes only) Bugs Fixed - some debugging code was left, and lots of PHP errors were displayed 4/8/2004 - v1.11 released New - cache directory has been removed. The templates are pre-compiled. - if config is not writeable, allow user to create the file himself 3/11/2004 - v1.02 released New - nothing (bug fixes only) Bugs Fixed - bug #914496 (Error message in setup when cache/skins isn't writeable) 2/20/2004 - v1.01 released New - nothing (bug fixes only) Bugs Fixed - bug #901223 (Lots of PHP Notice warnings) - bug #901225 (Wrong link in email lists) - bug #901230 (Edit restricted access => Change password problem) 2/19/2004 - v1.00 released New - Birthdays - admin : user deletion, password changes Bugs fixed - bug #899924 (email not saved for a new user) 2/17/2004 - v0.96 released New - user can now belong to groups - one can only see the lists from people of the same group(s) - the user name must now be unique 12/14/2003 - v0.95 released New - the ability to hide the claimer's name (see config/ Bugs Fixed - bug #859877 (Nobody can see restricted access gifts) 12/8/2003 - v0.94 released New - nothing (bug fix only) Bugs Fixed - bug #856404 (Error messages in setup.php/index.php (access denied to log)) 12/4/2003 - v0.93 released New - web based setup - additional error handling - some work on the setup doc Bugs Fixed - bug #846102 (Send my list to a friend send HTML code) - bug #846101 (No login link after logout on other people's lists) - bug #846098 (logout does not work after "remember me") 11/14/2003 - v0.92 released New - email field - send my list to a friend - new skin Bugs Fixed - bug #838156 (display bug in setup.php) 11/6/2003 - v0.91 released - logout - add birthDate/email in database for future use - added the ability to change one's password - changed the way errors are displayed 11/2/2003 - v0.9 released - initial release TODO - a web installer - some nice skins - adding gifts to other people lists (without their knowledge) - sending a list by email - group of users - birthdays with email reminders